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Industry and Commerce Ministry Faces Lawsuit for Closing Shopping Centers

2017-01-13 - 5:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism closed one of "Al-Jazeera" Supermarket branches in the town of Janabiyah, under a 15-day administrative shutdown. The Ministry referred its managers to the Public Prosecution, one day after closing five branches of the Ruyan Commercial Centre.

According to the Ministry, the closing decision was due to the difference in prices, between the declared price and the real one. It noted that this is considered a clear violation of the Consumer Protection Act and its implementing regulations, calling on all outlets to abide by declared prices, stressing on the importance of reviewing them to preserve the consumer's' private and public rights.

On his part, Ruyan Commercial Group's lawyer filed an urgent lawsuit against the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, demanding the suspension of the Minister's decision to close the group's five branches for 15 days.

The court decided to accept to suit, inform the Minister on Sunday, and look into the case on Monday.

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