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Parliament Forms “Health”, “Pension” Investigative Committees, Postpones Travel Ban Proposal

2017-01-12 - 12:36 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Council of Representatives (Parliament) decided to form an investigative committee to look into medical services in public hospitals and medical centers. It also approved the formation of another committee that looks into pension funds managed by the Social Insurance Organization .

Ghanim Albuainain, Minister for Shura Council and House of Representatives Affairs expressed reservation concerning the formation of the investigative committee into the health sector, especially after his Ministry formed a committee to investigate the death of two children. The committee had officially launched its work yesterday (Tuesday). Albuainain said in this regard, "If there is to be any human errors or negligence, the government will take the necessary measures to protect the citizens while receiving health services."

On another hand, and for the second time, the parliament postponed its discussion and vote for imposing a travel ban on young Bahrainis, denying their travel to Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon.

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