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Al-Wefaq’s Majeed Milad: Bahraini Crisis Recognized by Various Parties

2017-01-08 - 6:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: Senior opposition leader, ad member of "al-Wefaq" Society, Majeed Milad, said that the crisis in Bahrain is recognized by various parties.

Milad's statement came in response to a report published in al-Wasat newspaper, which believed "the opposition in dying".

In a post on his "Twitter" account, Milad stressed, "The opposition does not die, but goes through circumstances within the courses of social and political challenges, until fundamental reforms are undergone, restoring things to normal."

In the same context, the Bahraini opposition figure said "what's [the opposition] is living is a normal result of actions taken against the opposition, as it does not have any power of say to stop them. Bahrain needs [the opposing] opinion in light of the authorities' decisions."

"Who is truly to blame for shutting the doors of opposition?" Milad wondered in this regard.

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