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Al Khalid Mosque Preacher Says Giving Information on “Jaw” Prison Fugitives a “National Duty”

2017-01-08 - 12:33 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al Khalid Mosque preacher, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Salem Al Manaei believed that giving information about the "Jaw" prison fugitives to the Interior Ministry is a "national duty".

In his Friday sermon (January 6, 2017), Al Manaei praised the security apparatuses, and "the vigilance of its members watching over the security of the kingdom thanks to their high efficiency", despite the escape of 10 prisoners sentenced to long years of prison from "Jaw".

Al Khalid Mosque preacher accused Iran of being responsible for "terrorism" in the country, claiming that all the weapons and explosive devices discovered by the Interior Ministry "are linked to Iran, to conduct terrorist operations in the country." "We thank God that the security men were able to unveil these crimes, and the security apparatuses' efforts continue."

He further called on all citizens to cooperate with "the security apparatuses, claiming it's a religious duty to confront those who want to destabilize our security and breach our country".

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