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Bahrain Press Association: 359 Freedom Violations in 2016

2017-01-04 - 5:56 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahrain Press Association confirmed in its annual report that 2016 saw the most number of violations on the level of freedom of expression, since the outbreak of the revolution on February 14, 2011.

The Association said that its records show that in 2016, there were around 359 violations of basic rights like press freedoms and freedom of opinion and expression. These violations also included verdicts and judicial proceedings against citizens in cases linked to freedom of expression (37 cases), arbitrary detentions (22 cases), investigations and interrogations (62 cases), hindering engagement in work (32 cases), in addition to many other cases.

On this level, the Association demanded the immediate unconditional release of all photographers, journalists and activists detained for doing their job in covering protests, or for expressing their right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Moreover, the Bahrain Press Association called for "the halt of all arbitrary persecution arrests, judicial trials on charges of insulting the King, against online activists and journalists, charges of "assembly" for photographers, and charges of "inciting hatred against the regime." It also called for the end of all charges linked to reduced freedom of opinion and expression in the country.

Furthermore, the Association demanded an end to the monopoly of power of the TV and radio media, and the opening of other media outlets for the opposing opinion. It also called on the United Nations Special Rapporteur to promote and protect the right to freedom of expression, and schedule and urgent visit to the country.

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