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MOI Reports Armed Raid on “Jaw” Prison, Policeman Killed, 10 Inmates Escaped

2017-01-02 - 6:43 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Ministry of Interior announced (Sunday January 1, 2017) that an armed group consisting of 4 to 5 members raided the "Jaw" central prison, causing the death of one policemen, and the escape of 10 political prisoners.

In its statement, the Ministry of Interior said, "A terrorist cell of 4 to 5 members, armed with automatic rifles and pistols, was involved in an attack on the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre (Jaw) at approximately 5:30 am on Sunday January 1.  The attack led to the death of a policeman, Abdulsalam Saif Ahmed.  A second policeman sustained moderate injuries while confronting the terrorists.  Ten inmates, all convicted in previous terrorist cases, escaped."

The statement added that Interior Minister, Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, had ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the circumstances of the case, adding, "The security authorities immediately carried out the required procedures at the prison and its surroundings and the Public Prosecution was notified."

Moreover, the Ministry' statement indicated that the investigation and search have been intensified "to arrest the terrorists and the escaped convicts". The statement included the list of the escaped convicts, with details of their imprisonment as follows:

1-   Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Al Shaikh, 26, serving  73 years in jail

2-   Ammar Abdullah Isa Abdulhussain, 28, serving  life imprisonment, in addition to 2 years

3-       Mohammed Ibrahim Mulla Redhi Al Tooq, 26, serving to 28 years in jail

4-   Hassan Abdullah Isa Abdulhussain, 24, serving life imprisonment

5-   Isa Musa Abdullah Hassan, 24, serving life imprisonment

6-   Hussain Atiyah Mohammed Saleh, 37, serving life imprisonment

7-   Sadiq Jafar Salman Hussain, 27, serving life imprisonment, in addition to 41 years

8-   Abdulhussain Juma Hassan Ahmed Al Onaisi, 31, serving life imprisonment

9-   Redha Abdullah Isa Al Ghasra, 29, serving life imprisonment in addition to 79 years

10-   Hussain Jassim Isa Jassim Al Bana, 27, serving 43 years in jail

"The Interior Ministry calls upon those with any information about the escaped convicts or the terrorists who assisted them, and warned any person from either personally or through another providing shelter for any of the defendants," the statement concluded.

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