Jamal Fakhro, Liberalism in its 60s

2016-12-30 - 6:48 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): When Jamal Fakhro mocks the besieged residents of Bahrain's Diraz, he is actually mocking the neoliberal face he represents. We encounter a blatant patriarchal "macho" language that reminds us of the times of female slavery, when women were bought and sold in markets as commodities. Fakhro posted a "revealing" picture of US model Jailyne Ojeda, presenting it as a complementary gift to the Bahrainis besieged in Diraz, a move which clearly unveils Fakhro's "archaic eastern" mentality.

The 60-year-old neoliberal was caught red-handed. This so-called women's advocate is nothing but a little "Daishi" in the making, who thinks women are only a tool of seduction or an item that men can use as they like. Fakhro is trying to sell this woman presenting her as a gift to the Bahrainis besieged in Diraz. ISIS, on the other and, sell women as spoils of war to its soldiers in Mosul, Raqqa and other areas across Iraq and Syria.

What's the difference? There is only one difference between what is known as selling on paper and selling for cash. Selling on paper is like selling an illusion that you haven't acquired yet and selling for cash means that you are selling something you own. Fakhro does not own the model's body; he can not buy her body with his money nor use her as a slave under "KBMJ" Fakhro Company. He can only use her photo on social media.

Despite this, Fakhro wants to add her to his belongings, an item of seduction which he presents as a gift to those besieged in Diraz. ISIS does not master the modern sales systems, thus it relies on ancient trade systems. It takes women captive and sells them directly in the market.

What does "objectification", the term that all women fight against mean? It is this type of language; Fakho is a an example of this exactly. Jamal Fakhro inherited a fortune from his father, who was nicknamed "half of the world" due to his extreme wealth. Perhaps Fakhro thought that he can own Jailyne's body through his wealth and add her to his fortune.

The political dialogue in Bahrain is not only fading but is also reaching rock bottom. A minister was dismissed for taking a photo of his middle finger and mocking a sports activity managed by the King's son and the deputy chief of public security was forced to close his Instagram account after attacking Shiites claiming they are "bastard children" and that they "exchange their wives". And the list goes on.

Here, we have before us Fakhro, an official who has been in office for about 20 years serving in the Shura council which is appointed by king. This official addresses the residents of a poor village in his own country by using an inappropriate photo of a porn model, offering it as a gift to the besieged residents.

All of these officials seem the same, but the besieged Dirazis only resemble themselves; the impoverished yet resilient people who have remained steadfast for over four months, or in fact six years, determined to achieve their rights, while Jamal Fakhro acts like an adolescent sharing a photo of a model's body on social media.

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