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French “Le Monde” Publishes Letter by Nabeel Rajab Urging Germany, France to Reconsider Relations with Gulf States

2016-12-22 - 11:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: French daily "Le Monde" published a new letter by prominent Bahraini activist Nabeel Rajab, in which he asked Europeans to reconsider their relations with the Gulf countries. The letter was entitled, "Berlin and Paris, Reconsider Your Relations with Gulf Monarchies."

The letter, which was published in full in the French daily, indicated, "While the tragedy of the refugees is at its zenith, it is clear that the results of European policies in the Middle East before the "Arab Spring" in 2011 and after it, are now spreading in Europe."

In the letter, Rajab also noted that the "results were catastrophic", among which was "the emergence of Daesh (ISIS), generated by the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. It is the worst representation of a violent ideology that still receives support from various countries in the Middle East."

Furthermore, Rajab indicated in "Le Monde", that "the European countries ought to take part in the efforts seeking solutions to these problems, and to win the battle in which both democracy and human rights are facing tyranny and violence". Moreover, the prominent Bahraini activist said that "in order to support these concepts in the Middle East, [European Countries] should be ready to confront the Gulf kingdoms (...) which proved to be allies to war against extremism." He stated that instead, they further "fueled the crisis", and therefore, "the European Countries should reconsider the support it offers them."

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