Martyrs Day 2016: Father of Martyr Mahmoud Al-Jaziri Honors his Two Martyred Friends Hani Kahmis &Hani Al-Wasati

2016-12-19 - 12:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: On the Martyrs Day this year, father of martyr Mahmoud Al-Jaziri recalled his friend and classmate martyr Hani Khamis, the 90s revolution and that of 1994 in particular, and the martyrdom of Khamis in December.

Father of martyr Al-Jaziri honored, along with his friends, through a video, martyr Hani Khamis, while they were visiting Sanabis. He also talked about Hani's morals and respect.

Al-Jaziri's father also talked about another friend who was martyred on the same day in 1994; martyr Hani Al-Wasati who was also their classmate.

Bahrainis commemorate Martyrs Day who were killed by the Bahraini regime throughout all the revolutions in the past years.

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