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Family Receives Short Call from Sayed Alawi, Interrupted When Asked about Charges

2016-12-16 - 5:39 am

Bahrain Mirror: The family of detainee, Sayed Alawi al-Moussawi, said (Wednesday December 14, 2016) that it received a short phone call from him, adding that the call was interrupted when they asked him about the charges behind his interrogation.

The family reported that he might have said that he is in the criminal investigations building. It added that it seemed that he was repeating what the investigators were telling him what to say.

The information reported that the public prosecution interrogated al-Moussawi, yet it declined to respond to calls from lawyers assigned by his family.

Bahrain Mirror had quoted eyewitnesses confirming hearing al-Moussawi under torture, while yelling "have mercy on me, you killed me".

Sayed Alawi's family fear for his life now after more than 50 days on his arrest.

More than 5 detainees had died under torture in Bahraini prisons, as the authorities deliberately uses torture to extract confessions to incriminate them in courts.

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