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Sayed Alawi’s Family: Concealing Information about His Arrest from Family & Lawyer Proves He's being Tortured

2016-12-14 - 11:30 p

Bahrain Mirror:  Family of kidnapped Sayed Alawi Sayed Hussein said that the authorities' continuation to hide information about his arrest cause and the charges brought from his family and lawyer confirms fears of torture.

In a statement issued on Wednesday (December 14, 2016), the family stressed that they haven't received except one call from Alawi throughout his 52-day arrest. Alawi only spoke to his family for 4 minutes on November 27; i.e. 35 days after his arrest.

The family stressed that the short call revealed the lies of the official parties and the torture he is being subjected to.

They added "concealing information about his arrest cause and charges brought against him from his family and lawyer proves that he is being tortured. Disappearing him for this long period raises local and international concerns about his wellbeing."

The family concluded its statement by bearing the official parties, on top the Ministry of Interior, responsible for Alawi's physical wellbeing and demanding to immediately and urgently unveil his fate and release him.

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