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Eyewitness: I Heard Sayed Alawi Al-Musawi Screaming “Have Mercy on Me…You Killed Me”

2016-12-14 - 10:15 p

Bahrain Mirror-Exclusive: New whereabouts appeared in the case of the forcibly disappeared citizen Sayed Alawi Al-Mosawi. Two eyewitnesses who saw him in the Criminal Investigation Department and Jaw Prison said that he is living in harsh conditions. An eyewitness who was held next to Alawi's room, stated that he heard him screaming "you killed me". Alawi was addressing his torturers.

The witness said that he told Alawi's family these information "he was in the next-door room. I clearly heard his voice screaming while he was being tortured...Have mercy on me...you killed me."

Although Alawi was arrested 50 days ago from his workplace in Batelco, the security authorities are still banning his family and lawyer to meet him. They haven't even presented him to the Public Prosecution, which means that his interrogation hasn't concluded yet.

The information revealed that "Musawi is being transferred between Jaw prison and the Criminal Investigation Department." The witness said that about one hour after hearing Alawi's screams "I noticed that some members entered his room. They were trying to get confession from him. However, torturers soon returned to brutally torture him," adding "they torture him for one hour, then they stop and soon resume their actions."

Another eyewitness said that he saw Al-Musawi in Jaw prison, ward 15, "I used to see him almost every day...I saw them one time putting him in a car's trunk and he was complaining about his back pain. This was the last time I heard his voice."

In their recent attempts to acquire information about Alawi, his family tried in the past two days to deliver clothes to him. One of his sisters handed Alawi's clothes to the reception in the Criminal Investigation Department. However, few minutes later, his family received a call from CID asking them to urgently come to take the clothes as the administration refused to receive them.

During the past days, information reported that "the national security agency wants Alawi's confessions against specific figures, in an attempt to create a scenario against them." However, Bahrain Mirror can't confirm the accuracy of these information.

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