Nasser bin Hamad: My Bicycle Crashed after it “Flew in the Air”

2016-12-12 - 5:21 p


Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini King's son, Nasser bin Hamad, said that his bicycle "flew in the air", due to wind, which caused its crash, and thus prevented him from completing the "Ironman" race launched Saturday (December 10, 2016).

In a statement for him on the official TV Channel, Nasser bin Hamad narrated what happened to him, saying, "his bicycle failed him due to the intensity of the wind."

He added, "Usually strong wind blows occur, it hit my bicycle, so It flew in the air. I fell on the side, and only had minor injuries."

"The injuries were not serious, but when I wanted to complete the race, I found that my bicycle was broken," we further claimed.

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