Zainab Al-Khawaja: “Jaw” Novel, A Story of Resilience

2016-12-11 - 9:46 p

Bahrain Mirror: You must realize that between your hands you do not hold a mere book. Between your hands, you hold proof of faith, of love and resistance. By opening this book, "Jaw: Tale of Prisoner Jihad," and reading its pages, you give life to those in the graveyard of the living. By simply hearing the voice of this prisoner, you weaken the tyrant who tries to silence him.

This book comes to you from behind prison walls in Bahrain. It is not the story of someone who was once in prison, it is the voice of someone who still is. Someone who has spent the last five years cut off from the world. This is his attempt to communicate with us. This is his way of letting us know that he is still there, that he is alive despite the brutal regime in Bahrain.

The author risks everything just to get the truth out there- at a time when the biggest democratic powers are making very positive statements about working with and enabling the regime that imprisons and tortures him.

This book has very disturbing information about the situation in Bahrain, but it is also all the evidence you need that from the worst hardships you can see the most beautiful human acts of heroism. We owe it to this brave prisoner to read these words and to make the world hear him, to show a tyrant in Bahrain that the free cannot be silenced. This book can be a reason that its author is subjected to more torture, but it can also become a reason that the regime feels exposed even inside its darkest prisons.

In your hands you hold the possibility to travel into a prison in Bahrain. It is not an easy journey indeed. It is painful and excruciating to even read what happens in this prison, to travel into the Jaws of this horrifying beast. However, you will also be travelling into the mind of a strong and beautiful soul, who walks out of the most horrible situation with a head held high, with love in his heart and dreams of a bright future in his head- a young man who lives with monsters but dreams of his mother and future wife, a young man, who after the worst of tragedies, still smiles.


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