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"Jaw" Novel, A Tale of Agony by Insider Bahraini Detainee

2016-12-11 - 2:23 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On Human Rights Day, the tale of "Jaw" emerged from within Bahraini prisons. It is  novel recounting the story of a political prisoner and his sufferings on March 10, 2015 inside Central Jaw Prison.

"Jaw" is considered to be the first literary work published by a political prisoner still languishing behind bars in Bahrain. The book is published by Bahrain Mirror and is available, starting from today (December 10, 2016), at the Awal Centre for Studies and Documentation pavilion C23 at the Beirut International Arab Book Fair. It will also soon be available in a number of bookstores and online shops.

The author who uses the alias Jihad says that he finished writing the novel in 84 days on smuggled papers and with 10 pens that were very difficult to attain. The author put the book in the hands of Bahrain Mirror but insisted on one thing that is to not change the title and keep it as "Jaw". Bahrain Mirror edited out anything that could reveal the identity of the author.

The 352-page (nonfiction) novel uncovers the administrative and financial corruption as well as moral degradation invading Bahraini prisons. The book records the confessions of Jordanian officers who say their services were called upon for the purpose of torturing prisoners of conscience in Bahrain since they are (Shiite) "Rafidi infidels".

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The author notes that what he wrote is "the truth told as a [human] rights statement in a novelistic style so it would be memorable and not buried with time." He further states that it is a truth that might make him pay a big price, since he is still imprisoned, yet notes that "the truth cannot be measured with any price."

He also stresses that as soon as his identity is revealed, his life will be at risk, "yet I am certain that through this work I am performing my humanitarian duty towards my people," he adds.

The imprisoned author says that "from the US's Guantanamo Bay prison to the Israeli Asqalan..from Khiyam in southern Lebanon to Pretoria prison in South Africa..to Jaw," he is recording the truth about Jaw prison that the beast is trying to hide, highlighting that the free unveil the truth in the darkest of conditions to the people of conscience.

He further states that he has been held behind bars for almost 5 years, awaiting more years of imprisonment. "Today, I am paying the price of my revolutionary activism in a homeland to which we have become as strangers."

The author stressed that this novel is a call to all prisoners to take on the responsibility of recounting and documenting everything they have been through and witnessed so that the picture would be clearer.

He expressed his thanks to all his loved ones and friends who supported him, namely activist Ali Abdulemam, whom he described as a role model in free journalism and an inspiration. He also thanked Bahrain Mirror for adopting, revising, editing and publishing this book.

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