Appeals Court Issues One-Year Jail Term against Defendant over Assembly Case in Dar Kuliab

2016-12-10 - 11:48 p

Bahrain Mirror: The high appeals court amended the First Instance Court's verdict against an appellant, commuting his 3-year jail term to one only over assembly case.

The high criminal court had acquitted suspects accused of stealing a car and gas cylinders, causing a blast and burning a car. The court, however, sentenced them to 3 years in prison over acquiring Molotov and sentenced another suspect to one year in prison because he is under 18.

Two policemen claimed that they saw 25 masked people taking to the street in Dar Kulaib, putting tires and burning them through Molotov. The policemen dealt with the protestors who hurled stones and Molotov against the policemen and fled away.

The authorities claim that they arrested the suspects through interrogations and that the suspects admitted the charges brought against them.

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