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Al-Salmaniya Postpones Surgery of Cancer Detainee Elias Al-Mulla Because Prisonís Administration did not Comply with Medical Instructions

2016-12-02 - 10:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex postponed on Thursday (December 1, 2016) an endoscopy operation for Elias Faisal Al-Mulla, a cancer patient, because Jaw Prison's administration did not comply with the medical instructions that should be followed before undergoing a surgery.

The account concerned in reporting the news of detainee Elias Al-Mulla said that the surgery that was supposed to take place on Thursday was postponed because the prison's administration did not give Elias the medical solution that was prescribed for him.

It is to mention that Elias Al-Mulla has been detained since about 4 years. He has a colon cancer and needs health care. However, keeping him in prison prevents him from receiving the needed treatment.

Human rights organizations accuse prisons' administration in Bahrain of medically neglecting prisoners arrested over political cases as a form of political revenge.

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