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Trade Union Calls on Electricity Minister to Intervene and Re-employ 8 Dismissed Employees

2016-11-29 - 2:24 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Assistant Secretary-General for the Public Sector in the General Federation of Workers Trade Unions in Bahrain, Hussein al-Asfour, called on the Minister of Electricity and Water Abdul Hussain Mirza (on Tuesday November 22, 2016), to intervene to end the suffering of eight employees that have been dismissed from the Electricity and Water Authority for nearly two years.

Al-Asfour said in a press statement, "There are eight employees who were dismissed from work between 2014 and 2015. Security apparatuses arrested them, and criminal charges were addressed against them, with prison sentences between months and a year. After their minor imprisonment sentence, they tried to get back to their work, but unfortunately they were given dismissal notes. The employees wrote a letter to the Minister showing that they had nothing to do with the charges against them, yet they did not receive any response."

"Now, after a while, some employees were able to get jobs through the Ministry of Labor, yet they were not employees, since it appears that the Electricity and Water authority did not end the contract with them at the Social Security Agency," he went on to say.

He further urged the Minister to interfere to end the suffering of the dismissed employees and their families, as their families are living huge sufferings, in addition to their urgent financial liabilities. "IT is essential that the Minister is objective in this matter, in a way that he takes into account the right of these employees to return to their jobs, with taking into consideration their life interests," al-Asfour concluded,

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