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Short Call from Detainee Sayed Alawi Al-Musawi…His Family Says He Seems Exhausted from Torture

2016-11-28 - 6:11 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Family of detainee Sayed Alawi Al-Musawi said that it received on Sunday (November 27, 2016) night a call from him stating that he is at the Criminal Investigation Department, which refutes the narrative of the National Institution for Human Rights about him being found in the Pre-Detention center in Dry Dock Prison.

Al-Musawi was arrested about 35 days ago from his workplace and his family lost contact with him since then.

The family said that the Alawi's call was very short and that he seemed exhausted from torture, expressing its deep concern over his safety.

The family asked the authorities to allow them to immediately meet him, indicating that the call was very short and that it raises a lot of questions about his health situation. Human rights organizations' reports affirm that the Bahraini authorities use torture in detention aiming at extracting confessions that convict detainees in the trials that Amnesty describes as "unjust".

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