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Ghanim Al-Buainain: Bahrain Suffers from UN-Affiliated Corrupted Organizations

2016-11-28 - 5:41 am

Bahrain Mirror: Ghanim Al-Buainain, Minister for Shura Council and House of Representatives Affairs of Bahrain, said that there is corruption in the United Nations, stressing that Bahrain suffers from the UN affiliated organizations and international councils due to corruption.

During the Shura council session on Sunday (November 27, 2016), Al-Buainain announced "we have to stop our blind following to some conventions and to seek to establish new conventions that suit with our Islamic and historic heritage and I believe that the Arab conventions are more authentic than the international ones."

It is to mention that the Shura council discusses today a bill to ratify the Arab Anti-Corruption Convention.

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