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Jaw Prison Rebuffs Denying Detainee Kamil al-Manami Health Care

2016-11-25 - 3:53 am

Bahrain Mirror: The administration of Jaw Prison said on Monday (November 21, 2016) that detainee Kamil al-Manami "is receiving all rights stated by the law of the Reform and Rehabilitation institution"; i.e. Jaw Prison. It also added, "Looking into the medical record of the inmate, it shows that he attended all his medical checkups inside and outside the rehabilitation center, which were set by the specialized doctor. He was also given the medication on an organized basis."

In response to reports by detainee al-Manami's family, the Reform and Rehabilitation Center administration said that "it is implementing its legal duty towards all inmates". It further called on all media outlets to "resort to objectivity and professional commitment, which requires them to avoid publishing selective information, and resort to official responsible bodies."

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