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Ebrahim Sharif Summoned for Interrogation again for Meeting UK Embassy Official

2016-11-18 - 5:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: Prominent Bahraini opposition figure Ebrahim Sharif said that the Bahraini security authorities summoned him again yesterday on Thursday (November 17, 2016) for questioning over a meeting with British Embassy official, which he said was made in order to inquire about the reason why charges of "inciting hatred against the regime" were raised against him.

Sharif explained that he told the interrogator at the Anti-Cyber Crimes Directorate that the visit was upon the Embassy's request. He further noted that he answered questions related to his case, which is not considered interference in Bahrain's internal affairs.

"Just questioning me about having links to a foreign embassy hurts me and challenges my patriotism. I am patriotic with all my heart and when meeting any foreigner, I do not compromise my nation's interests," he added.

Sharif also stressed that "the law does not forbid meeting foreign diplomats," noting that "if the government has any objections, it should express them to the concerned embassy or state."

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