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Family of Death Row Prisoner Kumail Al-Manami Says Jaw Prison’s Administration Prevented him from Receiving Treatment in Al-Salmaniya

2016-11-15 - 6:25 p

Bahrain Mirror: Family of death row prisoner Kumail Al-Manami asked Jaw prison's administration to expose him to a specialized doctor, indicating that "Al-Manami has been repeatedly visiting Al-Salmaniya medical complex to receive treatment in the ear, nose and throat department as well as the departments of eye and internal medicine due to the different pains he is suffering from following his arrest."

The family explained "our son had an appointment on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, in Al-Salmaniya, however, he was not taken to his appointment. He asked the police to take him to the hospital according to his set appointment, but in vain. Instead, he was taken to the clinic and returned to the building." It added "we contacted the party concerned in the detainees' medical affairs in Jaw prison to know the reasons behind not taking him to the hospital. They told us at first that they don't know the reason, however, few days later they told us that his appointment was changed. We knew in our last visit to Kumail that he was transferred to the Al-Qalaa hospital."

"How come Kumail is banned from treatment in Al-Salmaniya, especially that he showed progress?" the family wondered. It continued "we contacted the prison's administration but it did nothing."

The family stressed "treatment is the simplest rights one has to enjoy and if the person is detained and sentenced for long prison terms, he then has priority in receiving the needed treatment."  

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