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Bahraini Public Prosecution Accuses Ebrahim Sharif of “Inciting Hatred” against the Regime

2016-11-14 - 2:33 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Public Prosecution in Bahrain raised charges of "inciting hatred and contempt against the regime" against prominent Bahraini opposition figure Ebrahim Sharif on Sunday (November 13, 2016). The charges were based on statements he made to American news agency The Associated Press (AP).

In a statement, the Public Prosecution said that it "received a notice from the Anti-Cyber Crimes Department reporting that a person gave a statement to a foreign agency in which he insulted the constitutional system of the kingdom."

"The Prosecution commenced interrogation with the accused over what was included in the news piece. He; however, denied some of what was mentioned. It ordered his release after charging him with publicly inciting hatred and contempt against the ruling system, and is continuing investigations into the case," it added.

In his comments given to AP, Sharif expressed concern that Prince Charles' visit would "whitewash" the human rights situation in the island kingdom. He also stressed that "absolute power cannot be in the hands of the ruling family."

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