Salman: 27,000 New Foreigners in Bahrain, More than 4,700 Monthly Job Opportunities for Foreigners

2016-11-10 - 2:41 am

Bahrain Mirror: The leader at the Progressive Democratic Tribune (al-Minbar), Abdulnabi Salman, said that the number of foreigners in Bahrain increased by 27 thousand in the past 6 months, and thus the total number has exceeded 595 thousand foreigners residing in Bahrain. Salman wondered on this level, "Is this the labor market organization promised since 2004?"

In a series of tweets he posted on his "Twitter" account, Salman added that "the labor market numbers suggest that around 4727 foreigners get job opportunities every month, yet official surveys do not say how many Bahrainis are lucky [to receive a job opportunity]."

Moreover, he went on to say, "Until mid-2016, Bahrain's debt reached $20.3 billion, and the sum of annual interest on them [the debts] is $714 million, which are paid by our blood, and stand in the ways of our children's food, without any acceptable justification. Is it wise and mature to continue in this raise of the debt ceiling, without any justification? Who will take responsibility for this? And what burden are we selfishly leaving for future generations?"

"Where is the supposed preference for Bahrainis in the labor market, which we fought for with the labor market organization project in 2004? We cannot accept to invest in the current political circumstances, to impose huge debts, low wages, and poor consequences on our people," Salman also said.

"Just like the political arena, economic mistakes cannot be piled up, due to the troubles they hold within. We ought to stop, acknowledge that, and embrace partnerships to seek solutions," Salman concluded.

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