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Hussein Abdulwahab Launches Hunger Strike, Policeman in Dry Dock Prison Assaults Him

2016-11-07 - 10:53 p

Bahrain Mirror: The family of prominent opposition leader, detainee Abdulwahab Hussein, said that their detained son "Hussein" started on Saturday (November 5, 2016) an open hunger strike in Dry Dock Prison, protesting against being banned from treatment after his health deteriorated and he has become a step closer to paralysis.

Akila Abdulwahab (Hussein's sister) stated that the family submitted a complaint to the ombudsman and another complaint to the Special Investigation Unit regarding the medical negligence by the Dry Dock's administration.

The family further stated that it received a phone call from Hussein on Sunday (November 6, 2016) in which he stressed being transferred to the prison's clinic. Hussein refused to leave the clinic until confirming an appointment to his treatment, thus the warrant officer Mahmoud, nicknamed Abo Mazen, kicked Hussein while he was on his wheelchair and did not stop beating him until he fell from the chair.

Akila Abdulwahab stressed that the family will submit notices against Mahmoud Abo Mazen at all places and will use all ways to achieve Hussein's rights.

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