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Bahraini Detainees are to be Treated in Military Hospitals Only

2016-11-03 - 8:31 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Detainees in Jaw Central Prison stressed that the Bahraini authorities decided not to treat them in the hospitals affiliated to the ministry of health and to only treat them in the military hospital. According to inmates' estimations, the health of about 1500 detainees will deteriorate.

The detainees warned that this decision will increase the medical negligence that they already suffer from, indicating that transferring them to the military hospital means that they will not be properly treated, however, they will only undergo tests without setting for needed surgeries, as happened with many of them.

The detainees said "we don't know whether the ministry of interior or director of external transportation Major Hassan Jassim is behind this decision," indicating that Hassan Jassim was responsible for all the violations practiced during the prisons incidents on (March 10, 2014) and that he ordered to torture the detainees as he was assuming the post of acting director.

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