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The Sunday Times Describes Arrest of Al-Wadaei’s Wife & Son as “Terrorism”

2016-10-30 - 10:32 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The British "The Sunday Times" said Bahrain terrorized a family of a political refugee after he disrupted a controversial visit by the Gulf state's king to London.

The newspaper published a report about the arrest and beating of activist Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei's wife. The Sunday Times described Al-Wadaei as a fierce critic of the regime in Bahrain. Sayed Al-Wadaei claimed that his wife was left terrified after she was dragged across the floor of the airport and beaten by female police officers.

He claimed that his infant son became unwell after being detained and left without food, despite pleas for his release into the care of other family members.

The newspaper announced that the detentions of the campaigner's wife and son are embarrassing for the British government, meanwhile, the Foreign Office declined to comment.

For his part, the American journalist in New York Times Nicholas Kritsof commented "US ally Bahrain moves from imprisoning dissidents to bullying an activist's wife and infant son, a US citizen."



Nick McGeehan, Bahrain researcher at Human Rights Watch said "while King Hamad is receiving the red carpet treatment in the U.K., his goons in Bahrain are terrorizing Sayed Al-Wadaei's wife and their infant son."

According to the Guardian, Nick McGeehan spoke to Duaa Al-Wadaei on Friday. He said: "This is a contemptible and cowardly attempt on the part of the Bahraini authorities to take retribution against the family of a prominent UK-based Bahraini exile and activist who protested against the king of Bahrain's visit to see the Queen and the prime minister."

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