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Bahraini Embassy in London: Al-Wadaei’s Wife was Detained, Searched & Questioned in Airport, but not Mistreated!

2016-10-30 - 10:02 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini embassy in London stressed that Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei's wife was briefly detained while leaving Bahrain's airport for London, questioned, searched and released.

The embassy claimed that Al-Wadaei was not abused or mistreated by authorities.

The embassy did not state what was published by the Guardian regarding preventing Al-Wadaei and her infant from traveling.

The Bahraini authorities arrested on Wednesday (October 26, 2016) Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaei's wife, Duaa Al-Wadaei and her infant son, while attempting to leave Bahrain for London. The move came hours after Al-Wadaei and others protested against Bahraini King's visit to London to meet Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Al-Wadaei said that his wife was beaten and held for 7 hours during which she was interrogated about his activism in London, where he lives as a political refugee since 2012.

The embassy indicated in its statement that Al-Wadaei can make a complaint to the office of the ombudsman is she feels she was mistreated.

For his part, Department spokesperson Mark Toner denied in press conference on Friday (October 28, 2016) having knowledge of this case, and promised to look into it.

It is to mention that Al-Wadaei's son holds the American passport.

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