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Al-Wefaq Deputy Secretary General Calls for Dealing with Society’s Dissolution as One of “Authorities’ Failures”

2016-10-26 - 9:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary General of the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi called on the people of Bahrain and Al-Wefaq supporters to deal with Al-Wefaq suspension as "a point of failure by the authorities" and "use it to serve the interest of our national project, for the sake of shifting towards justice and democracy".

"Al-Wefaq will continue to hold on to the dignity, security and livelihood of every citizen. There is no way to turn back or retreat," said Al-Daihi in a series of Tweets he posted on his Twitter account, stressing that the society has become stronger and what the authorities are doing is a result of their helplessness before the people's legendary steadfastness.

He further said that "the authorities' recent retaliatory measures are due to their defeat in front of your steadfastness. The dissolution and suspension of Al-Wefaq will change nothing," urging the people to "remain in constant connection and interaction with Al-Wefaq's calls and national movement."

Al-Daihi further noted that "some of our beloved stood by the oppressor; however, we believe that their consciences will wake up one day to realize that Al-Wefaq has been the country's real support. We have a national purpose and our demands are for the sake of Sunnis before Shiites."

The deputy secretary-general indicated that his message is for all Bahrainis who lived with Al-Wefaq with minds and hearts.

"Al-Wefaq has lived with you, defended every citizen and announced its program publically. Its project included your demands in developing the livelihood of the citizens on all political, human rights and humanitarian levels," Al-Daihi stated.

He stressed that "Al-Wefaq will remain the high voice that rejects corruption, tyranny, poverty and ignorance," noting that "Al-Wefaq refused to be a witness to the destruction of social, economic and political infrastructure in Bahrain, and thus, it was shut down."

Sheikh Al-Daihi also called on the people stating: "I appeal to the great Al-Wefaq members, supporters and advocates, because you have proven that you can bear responsibility."

"Al-Wefaq did not steal a fils of the people's money and did not steal any of the people's lands. It is strong because it is not a mere building that can be sold, it is a belief, vision and belongingness."

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