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Dry Dock Prison Prevents Al-Halwachi’s Family from Visiting him, Says “He is Banned from Visits”

2016-10-25 - 7:42 p

Bahrain Mirror: The security authorities in Dry Dock Prison prevented the family of activist Khalil Al-Halwachi from meeting him in an already scheduled visit.

His daughter Fatima Al-Halwachi said that the authorities prevented them from visiting her father on Tuesday (October 25, 2016), adding that after refusing to leave the prison they were told that activist Al-Halwachi "was not brought to the visiting hall because he is banned from visits, without presenting reasons."

She concluded saying "after waiting outside the main gate to meet one of the officials regarding preventing Khalil Al-Halwachi from his rights to visits, I was told that it is an administrative ban as a kind of punishment."

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