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Faisal Hayyat’s Family Says He was Transferred to Prison’s Clinic 3 Times since his Arrest

2016-10-24 - 7:00 p

Bahrain Mirror: Family of journalist Faisal Hayyat said that he was transferred to the Dry Dock Prison's clinic 3 time since he was arrested two weeks ago, due chest pains and high temperature.

The family added that Hayyat was held in a crowded room that includes 12 persons arrested over different criminal cases, adding that the detainees spend 23 hour in the rooms and are only allowed to go to the prison's yard for one hour.

Hayyat's family demanded his release with the continuation of his trial for being a "media person and not a tweeter," expressing its surprise that none of the organizations and institutions interested in media people and press in Bahrain interfered.

According to the Al-Wasat newspaper, the family continued "Faisal did not harm anybody like the criminal drug cartels, thus, there is danger that he be released with guarantee to remain in the country and continuation of his trial being a media person."

The authorities arrested Hayyat days after a letter he addressed to the minister of interior in which he said that he was tortured at the hands of officers affiliated to the security apparatuses in 2011.

The authorities accuse Hayyat of insulting a sect over a tweet he wrote about Ashura.

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