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Wa’ad Denounces Bahrain Hosting Israeli Sports Delegation

2016-10-22 - 4:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Work Society, Wa'ad, said that it followed up the news circulated on media outlet, which Bahrain intends to host the FIFI congress in May 2016, in participation of a delegation from the Zionist entity, "The Israeli Federation", as a member of FIFA. While the official authorities remained silent in light of the said news, Wa'ad waited for an official rejection denying Bahrain to host Zionists, yet nothing happened.

Wa'ad denounced these statements, activities, and stances that violate the Bahraini people's national consensus, and its national stances towards the nation's central cause, the Palestinian cause, which is the title of struggle in the region.

The society also confirmed the importance of hindering any attempts to normalize with the entity that occupies the Palestinian land, kills the people of Palestine in violation of international law, detains its people, and tortures its prisoners to death. Wa'ad went on to "warn of the consequences of sliding in the swamp of gradual normalization, after some of "sports" aspects were unfolded. This is in order to be aware of our responsibility towards the Palestinian cause, which is the Arab central cause, and in commitment to the principles agreed upon by the Bahraini people, and all Arab, Islamic and friend nations, which oppose the Zionist entity, and its vicious horrible policies.

Moreover, Wa'ad called for regaining resistance against normalization with the Zionist entity, and raising awareness against the soft schemes aimed at normalizing through many ways, including sports. Wa'ad also called for mobilizing popular energies against the persistent attempts to breach our states by several means.

In addition, the National Democratic Work Society said, "The Palestinian people, at a time when they still pay sacrifices in the arenas of resistance and confronting the Zionist occupation, in light of hard international and regional circumstances, the national and humane duty obliges us to stand on their side. [We also ought to] support them in the struggle to defeat the occupation, and establish a national, democratic, and independent state with al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital. [We should not] run after normalization with the entity that occupies its land, kills its people, demolishes its houses, and confiscates its lands to build new settlements and Judaize Palestine."

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