Appeals Court Upholds 1-Year Imprisonment Sentence Against Two Shiite Clerics for Supporting Ayatollah Qassim

2016-10-20 - 8:59 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Appeals Court rejected an appeals request by two Shiite religious clerics, against a verdict ruling a 1-year imprisonment against them, after charging them with "protesting in Diraz".

The Appeals Court upheld on Thursday (October 20, 2016) the verdict ruling the 1-year imprisonment of Sheikh Aziz al-Khadran, and Sayed Yassine al-Moussawi, for standing in solidarity with Shiite majority leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim.

The First Instance Court had sentenced (on Wednesday, August 31, 2013), Sheikh al-Khadran and Sayed al-Moussawi, to a whole year in prison each.

The Bahraini regime has launched a vast attack against the Shiite majority around 4 months ago, as it has dissolved the opposition al-Wefaq society, and two other religious societies. It also revoked the nationality of Ayatollah Qassim, while it prevents worshippers from performing prayers in the biggest Shiite mosque.


ÓíÏ íÇÓíä ÇáãæÓæí

Sayed Yassine al-Moussawi

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