PHOTOS: Mass Protest in Diraz Condemning Sectarian Persecution of Shiites in Bahrain

2016-09-24 - 1:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: Hundreds of Bahraini citizens took to the streets in a mass protest after holding Friday prayers today (September 23, 2016) in Diraz. The protest took off from the Imam Sadiq Mosque, which still is still subjected to a government-imposed ban on holding the Friday prayers since over two months.


Protesters held anti-regime banners and chanted slogans, voicing solidarity with the spiritual leader of the Shiite majority in Bahrain, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim. Sheikh Qassim's citizenship was revoked by the government last June, while he faces a lawsuit over practicing the Shiite Khums (alms) obligatory ritual.


Bahraini demonstrators condemned the sectarian persecution faced by the Shiite majority in the country. They further denounced the authorities' ban on holding Friday prayers at the Imam Sadiq Mosque, the largest Shiite mosque in the country.

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