Your Accounts Were Hacked, Were Your Faces Hacked too?

2016-09-08 - 1:53 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Were the words uttered by the Deputy Chief of the Bahraini Public Security and member of the ruling family, Khalifa bin Ahmad Al Khalifa against the Shia sect something new? Did the Shiite citizens of Bahrain need Al Khalifa's words to prove the savage image of the "official security institution" in Bahrain and its doctrine that was established on showing enmity against the Shia majority?

Only one thing was new in his words, i.e. how low he stooped in insulting the Imams of Ahlulbayt, glorified by the followers of the Shiite faith as well all Islamic sects. The context; however, was old; as it's part of a competitive race among Bahraini officials to showcase the highest level of hatred and animosity towards the Shia.

The Government of Bahrain found nothing but one justification to cover up their wrongdoing and thus the Directorate of Anti-corruption and Economic & Electronic Security issued a statement, which was the first of its kind, saying that it recovered the personal Instagram account of Deputy Chief of Public Security within hours of it being hacked.

Let Khalifa bin Ahmad tell us whether his face was also hacked when he tortured detainees in the Naim police station in n the 1990s and insulted their families and beliefs with the same expressions he posted on his own account.

One of the victims told Bahrain Mirror that he was arrested in 1995 and that the current Deputy Chief of the Public Security supervised the torture program. Khalifa bin Ahmad used to shout in victim's face, "Shias are worthless and you will always be disgraced in this country...Don't raise your heads up, keep them down." 20 years have passed and yet the attitude towards the Shia in Bahrain did not change, except in terms of the level of insults.

If Khalifa bin Ahmad's account was hacked, was the account of his brother Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa hacked when he threatened a dissident in exile, saying that he will target his mother, sisters and wife, bragging that he can enter the houses of Shia in Buri and Himla and step on them?

Was the account of Bahraini military spokesman, Khalid Al-Buainain, also hacked when he posted similar expressions? Didn't Al-Buainain say that "Shia children do not know their parentage" and that "their children are a result of the mut'ah marriage fabricated by [Shiite] clerics"?

What did the account that the ministry of interior claimed to be hacked say? It said that "Shiites are filthy bastards, sons of whores". Doesn't this prove that the security institution in Bahrain is infested with an anti-Shia doctrine?

Let's assume that all their social media accounts were hacked, was the Religious Guidance directorate in the Ministry of Defence hacked as well, when it printed and taught books that insults the beliefs of the Shiite sect which represents the majority of Bahrain's population?

Didn't "The Light of Sunnah and Darkness of Heresy in the Book and Sunnah" publication describe "Rafidis," a derogatory term used by extremists to refer to the Shiites, as heresiarchs and classify them among the "misguided groups" regrding their beliefs?

Were the bulldozers of the Bahraini army also stolen/hacked when they demolished about 40 Shiite mosques? Were their hands stolen when they wrote insults and cursewords against the Shia on the walls of their mosques and places of worship?

Was the face of the soldier, who appeared in the video after kicking the protestors out of the Lualua Roundabout stolen as well when he said, "we sacrifice our lives for the sake of the country (...) Jews, Christians and Magis have no place here." At the beginning of the footage, Khalifa bin Ahmad also appears, describing Shiite protestors as "the scum of society".

The beast has stolen their faces and turned them into monsters, like him. The authorities have stolen the kind image of Bahrain and replaced it with this monstrous face fueled by their brutal hatred.

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