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Australian Greens Party Seeks Halting Export of Advanced Monitoring Devices to Bahrain

2016-09-08 - 5:06 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights said that The Australian Greens (Australia's Green Political Party) has promised to intervene diplomatically to halt the export of advanced monitoring devices to the Bahraini Interior Ministry. These devices are used in the authorities' repression of pro-democracy peaceful protests.

A delegation from the Gulf Institute met with deputy President of the Australian Greens, Mr. David Shoebridge, at the New South Wales Parliament.

Mr. Shoebridge expressed his concern in the case of Bahrainis whose nationalities have been revoked, especially rights and political activists. He stressed that he will put this issue on the top of all media coverages.

He promised the Gulf Institute delegation to be a liaison between them and the representative of the Australian government's Human Rights Council in Geneva to work on the Bahraini issue.

Regarding the Australian iOmniscient company, which signed an agreement with the US Pelco company and the Bahraini LSS company to provide the Bahraini Interior Ministry with advanced monitoring devices that are used in the crackdown against protesters. The Australian Greens' Deputy President called on the Gulf Institute to prepare a comprehensive report on this issue, to be filed in court if necessary.

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