Court to Issue its Verdict in Nabeel Rajab’s Case on October 6

2016-09-06 - 7:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: The high Criminal Court set October 6, 2016 as a date to announce its verdict in the trial of the President of Bahrain Center for Human Rights and prominent human rights activist Nabeel Rajab.

The authorities arrested Rajab on June 13, within the most severe campaign against opposition and Shia majority since March 2011

Authorities accuse Rajab of "spreading false news and insulting a foreign country and the Ministry of Interior." These accusations are based on Rajab Tweets posted April 2015, in which he "criticized the war on Yemen and the torture in Jaw prison."

The authorities claim that Rajab "tweeted and retweeted a number of posts that included allegations and lies through which he offended governmental bodies represented by the Ministry of Interior and its affiliated security institutions." He accused the latter of torturing prisoners, humiliating them, depriving them of education and maltreating them.

Rajab spread photos about the measures adopted by the authorities to tackle the unrest in Jaw prison. He claimed that the Ministry of Interior made arrests and raided houses illegally, which would incite the public opinion and insult the ministry.

Moreover, the authorities say that Rajab spread fabricated news and data related to the military operations conducted by Bahrain, as part of the Saudi-led alliance, that would damage the military operation and negatively affect the public opinion. Therefore, an arrest warrant was issued against Nabeel Rajab.

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