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Jaafaria Endowment: Ashura Mada’ef Need Written Consent of Landlords to Register

2016-09-04 - 10:22 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Jaafaria Endowments Directorate stated that the organizers of the sermons and events to take place next Ashura, require a written consent from the owners of the lands; owing that these Ashura food stands (Mada'ef) are held on private properties.

Al-Wassat newspaper quoted the Jaafaria endowments as saying, "Registering the place [where  will take place] will start next Sunday September 4, 2016, and will end on Thursday September 8. The owners of the Mada'ef should make use of the aforementioned registration period."The newspaper added, "Among the requirements that were set by the Jaafari endowments, is committing to the health and safety procedures in the place of the event, complying with all the laws and regulatory guidelines set by the official authorities." Also, it added that "committing to placing a panel that includes the name of the place of event, and it's number, as a significant façade, and not hosting any food stand near electricity stations, or public services", are also among the requirements. Moreover, the newspaper indicated that the Jaafaria endowment stressed on the need to cooperate with all the neighbors of the Mada'ef, to made sure they are not bothered.

The endowment administration made it obligatory to the organizers of these Mada'ef to remove the latter after Ashura, and events of Muharram and Safar, are over, and to return the banners in the location to the Jaafariaa endowment.
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