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Activist Jaafar Al-Hisabi: Saudi Arabia Fears Bahraini People’s Civilized Movement Will Reach its Territories

2016-08-24 - 4:26 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): In an exclusive interview with Bahrain Mirror, Bahraini activist Jaafar al-Hisabi said that "what is happening in Bahrain of grievances is similar to what is happening in Yemen, although both nations are only demanding their freedom, dignity, and legitimate rights that are present in all countries across the globe."

On the sidelines of "The International Conference for the Support of the Yemeni People" that was held in London on the weekend (20-21 August, 2016), al-Hisabi told Bahrain Mirror that "the powerful countries like the UK and US claim democracy and cling on to human rights. However, when it comes to our region, the Saudi money and power stand in the way of the people's hopes, with the dictatorship represented by Al Saud and the rulers of the Gulf."

"Everyone knows that the Bahraini people are demanding rights and democracy that were taken away from them by the Al Khalifa family backed by Saudi Arabia, which does not want the existence of a nation that builds its country on its own," added the London-based Bahraini activist added.

He highlighted that the reason behind these restraints, is that "they fear this revolution and civilized project will reach Saudi territories".

"We hope that the hardships are eased so that the Bahraini people achieve their freedom, democracy, in addition to an elected government that does not exhibit a "master and servant" [mentality] like the current situation", al-Hisabi further noted.

He further stressed that what is taking place now in Bahrain is a campaign "targeting a huge component of the Bahraini people, as citizenships are being stripped, clerics are being targeted, and youth are being imprisoned, because of the demands the Bahrainis have been calling for over the past 5 years".

Al-Hisabi reiterated to Bahrain Mirror that although five years passed, the Bahraini people still insist on their rightful demands, which Al Saud and Al Khalifa do not want met".

"They give various excuses to stop this reformative approach instead of praising it. This targeting has proved itself to be a sectarian targeting for this large component of the Bahraini society, because it is the only one trying, unarmed and with a loud voice, to demand their rights," al-Hisabi went on to say.

Commenting on the international silence, al-Hisabi pointed out that "the international community unfortunately remains silent in the face of all this injustice instead of showing support in rejecting it".

"We believe that there are only statements that come with no legal actions that would stop the aggression. The US and UK and other countries have the power to stop such legal violations, but they don't want to because they are politically on good terms with their allies in Bahrain, and thus they remain silent", he further stated.

In reference to the conference, the Bahraini activist noted that it was successful in gathering people from different countries to support the people of Yemen and shed light on what is happening.

"The Yemeni nation is considered to be alone in the face of the Saudi Media Machine, which generated lies, although they are the ones killing the Yemeni people, "he asserted.

Al-Hisabi also said that the conference will be fruitful, since there is true support for Yemen and the Yemenis. However, he concluded, that the international support is what the Yemenis and people in the conference are aiming at achieving.

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