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Bahraini Youth Spends Two Month in Pre-Detention Prison Over Tweeting

2016-08-18 - 3:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini court renewed the detention of Taiba Ismail for 15 more days over the charge of "insulting the king" through tweets. This means that she will spend two months in the pre-detention prison.

The court refused the request of the defence panel to release Ismail for she has spent 52 days in detention, besides being a wife and mother of children who are under 2 years. Taiba also supports her widow mother.

Ismail was arrested by the authorities in the early hours of Sunday morning (June 26, 2016) in a raid on her house and charged her with managing a Twitter account through which she posted tweets insulting the king and false news that would undermine Bahrain's security and stability.

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