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Kuwaiti Newspaper: ISIS Plans to Target US Bases in Kuwait, Bahrain and KSA

2016-08-13 - 9:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Qabas Kuwaiti newspaper reported that the "Cyber intelligence Company succeeded in penetrating a social group on the "Telegram" social media application, through which it discovered that ISIS had plans to target US aerial bases in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia."

In its issue dated Friday August 5, 2016, the newspaper stated that "Intsights", an intelligence startup based in Herzliya city, announced that it had penetrated a "Telegram" group for ISIS, through  which members of the terrorist group were plotting a terrorist attack, according to a report broadcasted on the "Israeli" Television Channel 10.

The company, run by former officers of the "Israeli" military intelligence, told the television channel, "ISIS was loading potential targets on the conversation group, and in recent months, some of these targets were attacked by some members who claimed allegiance to the extremist organization."

One of these targets, according to the report, was the Normandy Church in France, where extremist killed local priest Jacques Hamel, on July 26, 2016.

According to the US "Daily Beast" news website, ISIS posted a message in one of the deep internet networks, through which it encouraged its members to download and use the "Telegram" application, on which they can automatically delete conversations after a short time.

Telegram, in addition to other similar applications, had bothered intelligence and security services, since such apps prevented the US from locating and tracking ISIS members in Syria and Iraq.

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