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Trial of Sheikh Isa Al-Moamen to Commence on August 17

2016-08-12 - 5:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities announced on Thursday (August 11, 2016) that it will start the trial of Shiite cleric and Imam of "Al-Kheif" Mosque, Sheikh Isa Al-Moamen, on August 17, 2016 over charge of inciting hatred against the regime.

The Public Prosecution announced on its Twitter that a preacher has been arrested for 7 days pending investigation over inciting hatred against the constitutional regime and kingdom.

Sheikh Al-Moamen is one of 217 Bahraini Shiite clerics who signed a statement on July 19, in which they declared that "The Shiite community is threatened in its existence".

The statement said, "We, the undersigned, join our voices to those of senior clerics, and declare that we, as a main and indigenous component of this nation (The Shiite component) we are now strongly convinced that we are being targeted in our very existence, identity, beliefs, rituals and [religious] duties." They added, "We demand an end to this targeting."

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