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Authorities Summoned 47 Shiite Clerics, Arrested 13 of them within 50 Days

2016-08-10 - 5:28 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abbas Shubar, Head of Religious Freedoms Unit in Bahrain SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights, said that the security authorities have summoned 47 Shiite clerics and arrested 13 of them since the authorities revoked the citizenship of Sheikh Isa Qassim in June 20.

The organization documented the summoning and arrest cases against the Shiite clerics.

Below is a list of the arrested clerics:

1.       Sayed Majeed Al-Mashaal

2.       Sayed Mohammad Hadi Al-Ghuraifi

3.       Sheikh Mohammad Jawad Al-Shahabi

4.       Sheikh Fadel Al-Zaki

5.       Sheikh Isa Al-Mou'min

6.       Sheikh Mounir Al-Maatouk

7.       Sheikh Ali Hmaidan

8.       Sheikh Ali Al-Jufairi

9.       Sheikh Imad Al-Shaala

10.   Sheikh Ali Naji Al-Himli

11.   Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Khidran

12.   Sheikh Hussein Al-Mahrous

13.   Sayed Yassine Al-Mosawi

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