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Cabinet Discusses Preventing Suspects Accused of "Terrorist Crimes" from Traveling abroad during Investigations & Evidence Collection Process

2016-08-09 - 8:08 p

Bahrain Mirror: Khalifa bin Salman chaired the Bahraini cabinet ordinary session on Monday (August 8, 2016), in which they discussed several topics, on top drafting new law limiting the freedoms of citizens accused of "terrorist" crimes.

The Cabinet discussed a draft law on preventing terror suspects from traveling abroad during the investigations and evidence collection process, as highlighted in the memorandum presented by the Interior Minister. The draft-law was referred to the Ministerial Committee for Legal Affairs.

Usually suspects accused of "terrorist" crimes are activists and dissidents. They are usually accused of charges related to terrorism and remain in detention throughout the period of investigation and trial. They are only released if proven not guilty.

The authorities try to tighten the noose on the opposition through passing laws that restrict freedoms such as banning protests in Manama, as well as issuing terrorism-related laws that allow a judge to revoke the citizenship of anyone convicted under such laws.

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