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Bahraini Authorities Arrest Sheikh Isa Al-Mou’min, Preacher of “Al-Kheif” Mosque

2016-08-07 - 10:19 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini security authorities arrested Shiite cleric Sheikh Isa Al-Mou'min, the preacher of "Al-Kheif" Mosque in "Al-Dair" village.

Sheikh Al-Mou'min, 59 years, was summoned to be present on August 6, 2016, for interrogation at the "Samaheej" police station.

Sheikh Isa's son, Mojtaba, posted on his Twitter account saying that his father "made a phone call and said he will be detained to stand before prosecution tomorrow [Today Sunday]".

It is still not clear what charges he was accused of.

Sheikh Al-Mou'min is a member of the Central Body of Ulama Islamic Council and Tawiya Society, the two largest Shiite institutions in the country that were dissolved by virtue of governmental decisions. Sheikh Isa was born in 1957, and has a Bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Basra in 1979.

He worked as an accountant in the Bahraini Ministry of Finance before leaving to the Iranian city of Qum in 1985 in order to pursue his religious studies. He returned to Bahrain in 2001, during the "National Charter" phase and worked at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs until he retired.

Sheikh Al-Mou'min is one of 217 Bahraini Shiite clerics who signed a statement on July 19, in which they declared that "The Shiite community is threatened in its existence".

The statement said, "We, the undersigned, join our voices to those of senior clerics, and declare that we, as a main and indigenous component of this nation (The Shiite component) we are now strongly convinced that we are being targeted in our very existence, identity, beliefs, rituals and [religious] duties."They added, "We demand an end to this targeting."

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