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Saudi Mufti Urges Banks & Businessmen to Fund Soldiers Serving on Southern Border

2016-08-04 - 6:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti and President of the Council of Senior Scholars Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Asheikh urged private firms, banks and businessmen to donate generously to support "the soldiers who are safeguarding the Kingdom's southern borders," according to the Saudi Gazette.

He called on financial firms to create a fund in order to support the soldiers as well as families of the armed forces personnel who were martyred on duty, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Speaking in a weekly radio program, Asheikh issued a religious edict (fatwa) that jihad with one's wealth is greater than jihad with [sacrificing] one's soul.

The Mufti's call comes as Riyadh is struggling to resolve the war its leading on Yemen, which has increased financial burdens amid dwindling oil prices.

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