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SIU Claims Al-Hayiki Died in Heart Attack

2016-08-04 - 4:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) claimed that the post-mortem examination report of martyr Hassan Al-Hayiki concluded that the body was free from any injuries and that the death was caused by a heart attack resulting from the blockage of the coronary arteries feeding the muscle of the heart. It added that the cause of the death is consistent with the symptoms from which the deceased was suffering before his death, and which were mentioned in the statements of the detainees in the same ward.

The SIU also questioned the deceased's father and those detained with him in the same ward as well as his wife, his sister, police guards at the Dry Dock Detention Centre and other policemen who gave him first-aid support and took him to the hospital. It also requested the reports of the judicial police on the death.

Al-Hayiki told his family about being tortured and beaten on head and sensitive areas while being interrogated at the Criminal Investigation Department. Al-Hayiki's fellow detainees affirmed in a statement they issued that he was tortured and beaten.

A report issued by Human Rights Watch highlighted that the Bahraini authorities use torture in the Criminal Investigation Department and detention centers. The organization reported cases and names of victims who were tortured in the same ways.

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