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Bahrain's Ministry of Interior Arrests Head of Ulama Islamic Council for Inciting Others to Break law & Take Part in Illegal Gathering

2016-07-31 - 10:12 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Director-General of the Northern Governorate Police announced the arrest of Majeed Al- Maashal (Head of the dissolved Bahraini Ulama Islamic Council) for inciting others to break the law and take part in an illegal gathering.

He added "though Al-Maashal had been summoned previously and was presented before the Public Prosecutor, he had continued to engage in the illegal activity."

"Al-Mashaal was arrested on July 30 against a warrant issued by the Public Prosecutor and legal action is being taken to refer the case to the latter," the Director-General further stated.

It is to mention that forces affiliated to the ministry of interior raided the house of Sayyed Majeed Al-Mashaal on Saturday (July 30, 2016) morning and arrested him.

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