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PHOTOS: Day of Solidarity with Bahraini People Held in Countries across the World

2016-07-30 - 7:07 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A number of cities across the globe witnessed shows of solidarity with the people of Bahrain. Demonstrators called on the government in Manama to answer the people's democratic demands and put an end to the religious persecution practiced against the Shiite majority in the country.

Protestors demanded the authorities to stop its targeting of the country's Shia spiritual leader Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, and reverse the decisions taken against the Shiite sect, also calling for reinforcing national unity in the face of the government's aggressive campaign.

Supporters in Australia's Melbourne expressed their solidarity with the Bahraini people, holding photos of Sheikh Qassim and chanting pro-democracy slogans.

Meanwhile, the Iranian city of Mashhad saw hundreds of demonstrators march through the streets and shout anti-regime slogans denouncing the ruling Al Khalifa family, and accusing it of executing "sectarian Saudi agendas". Protestors also called for putting and end to what they described as oppressive measures taken against the majority of the population in the Gulf kingdom.

On the Arab level, the Lebanese capital Beirut witnessed a rally that voiced support for the Bahraini people's legitimate pro-democracy demands, condemning the Bahraini regime's disregard of these demands by sectarian persecution and targeting of Shiite figures and rituals.

In Europe, similar protests were staged in both Sweden and Belgium, where protestors called on the international community to put an end to the violations in Bahrain. Demonstrators further denounced the government's criminalization of the Khums (alms) Shiite religious practice, and stressed that it violates the Bahraini people's most basic freedoms.

Elsewhere in London, where the Bahraini opposition is active, protestors rallied outside the Bahraini embassy and called for putting an end to Saudi interference in Bahrain, and sectarian practices, which they said have been exported from Riyadh to Manama.

The Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Foundation there also expressed solidarity, as its members held up photos of Ayatollah Qassim and urged the Bahraini regime to refrain from harming national unity.







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